Simple bowl, green melon


____Simple bowls set_____
Beautiful green stoneware bowls on-glazed by glazing with special effect finish, each pattern is created by layering of the glazing. 
The bowls are handmade and produced as a cast of a plaster form of our own design. 

The bowl has to complete two firings, the first one on 900°C to strengthen the body, the bowl is after than progressively glazed and it undergoes the final firing on 1240°C, which causes blending and coloring of the glazing. 
The bowl is from the technological reasons not glazed at the bottom part; the surface is matte and left raw. 

The bowls are medically harmless and can be used as a part of tableware; it is suitable for microwave use and dishwasher. 

300ml - 11cm x 5cm / 4.3in x 1.9in
400ml - 13cm x 6cm / 5.1in x 2.3in
550ml - 15cm x 7cm / 5.9in x 2,7in

Goods are carefully packed in gift boxes which are safely placed in postal packaging to secure the highest safety possible. 


Made in Prague, Czech republic